Man accused of threatening to slit Muslim woman’s throat over how she was dressed

Krissoni Henderson [Photo: Birmingham Mail].

A Birmingham man has been accused of threatening to slit a Muslim woman’s throat because of the clothes she was wearing.

Krissoni Henderson called Yasmin Mohamed a “f**king bitch” and drew his hand across his throat, a jury at Birmingham Crown Court heard.

Henderson, 33, who is from Hockley, denied one count of causing religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress and is currently undergoing trial.

Prosecuting, Mr Philip Beardwell, said two Muslim women Marien Mahamood and Yasmin Mohamed were both walking in the city centre on 14 March 2017 when Henderson shouted at Miss Mohamed.

Mr Beardwell said: “He looked her up and down and said disgusting. It shocked and upset her.

“The two ladies went to the bank and then came back along New Street. She then heard “f**king bitch. I am going to kill you. As he did so he drew his hand across his throat.”

Mr Beardwell said the two women ran and then rang the police.

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The two friends were shown videos of potential suspects by police officers and they both identified Henderson as the man who had abused Miss Mohamed.

Henderson denied the incident took place when he was questioned by police.

Miss Mohamed said in court that she was a Muslim woman born in the Netherlands.

She said she was wearing a head dress, a dress and a Parker jacket. She said the dress reached her ankles, and that her friend was dressed in a similar way.

Miss Mohammed told the court:  “He looked at me. He then called me a f**king bitch. I went into defence mode. I just needed to move myself from there. He was getting worked up. He then said ‘I am going to kill you.’

“He was behind me. His voice was very loud. His tone was very aggressive. I felt very threatened.”

Miss Mahmood said: “We were walking to the bank when this guy made a remark to my friend.

“He was mixed race, no hair. He had a beard. I had never seen him before. I noticed he had a push chair and there was a baby inside. We were walking past. He turned to my friend looked her up and down and said: ‘Disgusting.’ His voice was loud and it was aggressive. We were shocked and we carried on walking.”

She said they went into Lloyds bank and on the way back the same man turned to Miss Mohamed.

She said: “He called her a ‘f**king bitch. He was very loud. I was shocked when I heard them. We tried to walk past him. He then said: ‘I am going to kill you.’ He then made a gesture with his hand across his throat which I took as I am going to kill you.”

The trial continues on Monday 8 April.

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