Birmingham primary school confirms it will continue LGBTQ lessons after Easter

ssistant headteacher Andrew Moffat who heads the 'No Outsiders' programme. [Image: BBC]

Parkfield Community School in Birmingham has confirmed that LGBTQ “equalities” lessons will resume after Easter, amid a petition signed by parents opposing its continuation.

The ‘No Outsiders’ programme will return after Easter, as it has temporarily stopped the LGBTQ classes for the rest of this term until further consultation with parents.

The primary school in Saltley has confirmed that Religious Education (RE) lessons have temporarily replaced the LGBTQ classes for the remainder of this term.

It was determined last summer that the No Outsiders syllabus which claims to “promote equality” would resume after Monday 29 April.

Last week, hundreds of predominantly Muslim parents had withdrawn their children from the Parkfield Community School in protest.


Yesterday, parents delivered a petition against the pro-LGBTQ programme signed by 350 people.


The school has been the scene of regular protests, with the latest one taking place this morning.

MP for Birmingham Ladywood, Shabana Mahmood, said in the Commons last week: “Most of my constituents have been contacting me about the specifics of mandatory relationships education at primary school

“None of my constituents is seeking particular or differential opt outs at secondary school level. It is all about the age appropriateness of conversations with young children in the context of religious backgrounds.”

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