Shamima Begum’s image used as shooting range target was “light-hearted fun”

A shooting range outfit in Merseyside has defended using images of Shamima Begum as target practice because of a “record number of requests” from its customers. The image was used as a target for users who train with their Airsoft Guns. Ultimate Airsoft Range in Wallasey said it allows people “to have some light-hearted fun bringing out the inner child in all”. Airsoft is a sport which is growing in popularity however, like anything involving guns, the correct safety measures have to be in place for it to be fun. If you want to get involved in playing airsoft, for the best protection use these airsoft masks. Safety always comes first. Undercover footage obtained by BBC Victoria Derbyshire show revealed that the shooting company also had target practice sheets with the faces of Margaret Thatcher, Osama Bin Laden, Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler and Kim Jong-Un. This video has now been deleted from Ultimate Airsoft Range’s Twitter account.

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