Abu Hamza al-Masri’s son: “I have never been a threat to Britain’s national security”

Controversial cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri’s son who went to Syria to fight Bashar Al-Assad’s regime, has said he wants to return to Britain because he does not pose any threat to the country’s national security.

Sufyan Mustafa went to Syria in 2013 and later had his British citizenship revoked after he was accused of “terror offences”.

The 24-year-old is believed to have Moroccan dual nationality through his mother Najat, meaning he wasn’t left stateless according to the Home Office.

A source told The Sun that Mustafa wanted to appeal the decision and return to the UK.

The source said: “Sufyan does not wish to go to Morocco and is desperate to return here.”

It is understood that Mustafa, who is the seventh son Abu Hamza, is currently in Turkey after he was arrested for trying to board a flight to the UK in 2018. 

The source added: “He has been told he can travel from Turkey to Morocco but doesn’t wish to.”

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Mustafa has consistently maintained that his sole reason for leaving the UK was to fight Bashar al-Assad’s regime alongside Syrian rebels.

He has also stated that: “I have never been a threat to national security in Britain and will not commit aggression on its population because our religion does not allow attacks on unarmed innocents.

“Abu Hamza is my father and he had his own opinions and I have my own opinions.”

A friend said he and other fighters were given a safe passage into Turkey before his arrest.

Abu Hamza was extradited to the U.S. to face terrorism charges on 5 October 2012 after an eight-year legal battle.

On 19 May 2014, Abu Hamza was found guilty of 11 terrorism charges by a federal jury in Manhattan.

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