Deadly car bomb attack kills 20 people near anti-ISIS base in eastern Syria

Syrian Democratic Forces escorting oil refinery workers in eastern Syria.

At least 20 people including 14 oil refinery workers were killed on Thursday after a car bomb was detonated remotely in the village of Shheel in eastern Syria.

The deadly attack occurred near “an oil field acting as a base for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) forces fighting ISIS,” the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHN) said.

According to the source, the casualties were mostly oil refinery workers and six conscripts from the Kurdish-led SDF who were escorting the workers in vehicles from the oil field.

Omar oil field was seized by SDF fighters in 2017 and it was turned into a military base to stop ISIS advancements into the area.

In 2014, ISIS took control of large parts of Syria and Iraq as a prelude to establish their so-called caliphate, which is currently on the brink of annihilation.

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