Son of Nazi concentration camp victims warns Israel is planning Palestine genocide

The Israeli-born son of two Nazi concentration camp victims has told a London conference that Tel Aviv is planning a genocide against the Palestinians.

Academic and filmmaker Professor Haim Bresheeth told the Genocide Memorial Day conference in London yesterday that the sons and daughters of the victims of the Nazi genocide are now committing a genocide against the Palestinians.

He said: “A genocide is planned by the extreme Israeli government and if we don’t act to stop it, it will happen at a moment of their choice. And it happens in instalments – it happened in Gaza, it happened in Lebanon and they are now planning for a total decimation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine.”

Bresheeth dramatically started his speech by showing pictures of his father emaciated in a concentration camp before telling the conference, which is organised annually by the Islamic Human Rights Commission, that he has been regularly called an “anti-Semite” for his anti-Israel views.

He claimed that whether or not to exterminate the Palestinians is a topic that is discussed every day in the Hebrew media in Israel but it is not translated into English.

Bresheeth went onto say: “Netanyahu, Sharon, Rabin, all the leaders of Israel since Ben Gurion are responsible for the genocide of the Palestinians.”

This year’s Genocide Memorial Day conference put the spotlight on Western colonialism and how it has led to genocides all over the world.

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The IHRC’s Raza Kazim said: “European powers have committed genocides and the reason why they’ve done that is to promote colonialism, this idea that they can go into countries, appropriate resources, kill the people and exterminate them as and when they wish to do so.”

Organisers said that in the United Kingdom there is a heavy emphasis on the genocide perpetrated by the Nazis against the Jews during the Second World War. But they believe there shouldn’t be a hierarchy of suffering and all genocides should be commemorated equally.

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