Pro Prevent Muslim figures given New Year’s Honours

Mustafa Field

Establishment figures within the Muslim community who endorse the controversial Prevent counter-terrorism programme have been honoured by the Queen.

The honours are approved by the government and the Palace before being dispensed. They are often seen as a reward for carrying out work approved by the authorities.

Mustafa Field was awarded an OBE as part of the Queen’s New Year’s 2019 Honours. He runs, works in, works with or is heavily associated with a network of government founded or funded organisations.

Responding to the announcement he said: “I am delighted to have been considered and hope this recognition will provide me a stronger platform to promote initiatives and projects that I believe will benefit my community in the UK.

“For the past 18 years I have been active in community work. I have tried to equip young people with the tools to succeed and be able to articulate themselves better and most importantly be comfortable in their identities.”

Aamer Naeem from Penny Appeal

Other pro Prevent figures honoured included Umer Khan, a Superintendent at Greater Manchester Police; Faeeza Vaid, Executive Director of the Muslim Women’s Network UK; and Mufti Helal Mahmood from Oldham.

Another prominent figure to receive and OBE was Aamer Naeem, the Chief Executive Officer of the charity Penny Appeal.

He said: “I am very honoured to receive an OBE award, I’ve been privileged to work on some great projects alongside some great people. I hope that I and many more Muslims can help create an even more caring Britain for all.

“Together, we can create a greater sense of belonging, more integration and less division. A Britain that cares and a nation that loves its neighbours in these times of uncertainty. I’m confidently Muslim and comfortably British.”

Here is a full list of British Muslims who received New Year’s Honours:

Commanders of the Order of the British Empire

Mustafa SULEYMAN – For services to the UK Technology Industry.

Officers of the Order of the British Empire

Ruby Khalid BHATTI – For services to Young People and Housing.

Farooq Ur Rehman CHAUDHRY – Producer. For services to Dance and Dance Production.

Mustafa FIELD MBE – For services to Faith Communities and Social Cohesion.

Abyd KARMALI – Managing Director of Climate Finance, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. For services to International Climate Change and Sustainable Finance.

Umer KHAN – Superintendent, Greater Manchester Police. For services to Policing and Community Cohesion.

Nasar MAHMOOD – Chairman, British Muslim Heritage Centre. For services to Community Relations in Manchester.

Imam Mohamed Hassan Yousef MAHMOUD – Imam, London. For services to the community in London.

Aamer NAEEM – Chief Executive Officer, Penny Appeal. For services to Muslim Community Development.

Shahed Saleem TARIQ – Deputy Director of Children and Families, Leeds City Council. For services to Children’s Services in Leeds.

Members of the Order of the British Empire

Jamshaid AHMAD – Immigration Officer, London and South, Home Office. For services to Law and Order.

Fateha AHMED – For services to Diverse communities in Wales.

Riaz ALIDINA – Head of Financial Institutions Business Risk, Lloyds Banking Group. For services to Small Business Banking.

Saeed ATCHA – For services to Young People and the community in Greater Manchester.

Abul Kalam Azad CHOUDHURY – Founder, Azad Choudhury Academy and Welfare Trust. For services to Education in Bangladesh.

Mehmooda DUKE DL – Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Moosa- Duke Solicitors. For services to the Legal Profession and the Promotion of Female Entrepreneurship.

Zuffar Iqbal HAQ – For public and political service.

Monojaha Polly ISLAM – For services to charity and the UK Bangladeshi community.

Mohammed Muaaz KHAN – Founder, Eid Unwrapped and Convenor, Public Service Youth Foundation. For services to Young People.

Jamila KOSSAR – Senior Leadership Team, Manchester Islamic High School for Girls and Co-founder, Manchester with the Homeless. For services to Young People.

Helal MAHMOOD – For services to Community Cohesion in Oldham.

Tariq MAHMOOD DAR – For services to charity and the community in Brent, London.

Rifhat MALIK – For services to Muslim Women and to charity.

Mohammed Ridwan Ahmed RAFIQUE – Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Immigration Enforcement, Home Office. For services to the Promotion of Inclusion in the Home Office and the community in Sandwell.

Farshid RAOUFI – Station Commander, Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service. For services to Equality and Inclusion.

Mamun-Ur- RASHID – For services to Business and the community in Govan, Glasgow.

Wahida SHAFFI – For services to Women, Young People, Interfaith and Community Relations

Yusuf Mehmood TAI – Co-founder, Public Service Youth Foundation and Co-founder, Manchester with the Homeless. For services to Young People in Manchester .

Faeeza VAID – Executive Director Muslim Women’s Network UK. For services to Women’s Rights.

Shabnam SABIR – For services to Homeless and Young People in Oxford.

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