Tommy Robinson supporter spat at four-year-old Muslim girl’s face outside Greggs

Tommy Robinson and his supporters in Leeds city centre.

A supporter of the far-right leader Tommy Robinson spat on a four-year-old Muslim girl’s face as she queued with her mother outside Greggs bakery.

The perpetrator shouted the English Defence League founder’s name in the child’s face and made a foul gesture at the pair when they saw each other again on the street.

It is understood the thug targeted the little girl due to her ethnicity and because her mother wore the hijab.

The incident occurred on Monday 29 October at 1pm.

A family member described how the man had approached the pair as they queued in Gregg’s when he began chanting “Tommy Robinson” at the girl.

The mother – who wishes to remain anonymous – said she heard the spitting noise but was not aware of what happened until she turned around and saw the “sheer hatred” on the man’s face.

After leaving Greggs, the mother noticed the man again and he made an obscene hand gesture at them in public.

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The family said they reported the incident to West Midlands Police, but stated they were worried that the force’s call handler was not aware of who Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was.

Robinson is currently barred from the US after attempting to enter the country using a friend’s passport in 2012, having been blocked from travelling because of ‘multiple criminal convictions, including several for violent conduct and assault as well as mortgage fraud’.

West Midlands Police said they are currently investigating the incident.

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