Zionist David Toube appointed director of policy at Quilliam

David Toube

A former writer for the pro-Israel blog Harry’s Place has been appointed Director of Policy at the Quilliam Foundation.

David Toube used to be an outspoken voice for Harry’s Place which supports Israel and attacks those who oppose it, often accusing Muslim activists of anti-Semitism.

Here is a video of David Toube attacking CAGE activists and several other Muslim activists at an event in London in 2009.

He has already started to make media appearances for Quilliam, which is regularly used by the mainstream media to comment on Muslim affairs.

The website of the “anti-extremism” organisation says that Toube was educated at Southampton University and at Brasenose College, Oxford, and is a barrister by training. He taught law at Queen Mary University of London and then practiced law for 25 years.

It adds: “David has been active in counter-extremism activism and writing for fifteen years, and has written for The Guardian and other news outlets, and for the prominent anti-extremist website, Harry’s Place. His focus is on far Left, far Right and Islamist extremism, and on extremism, polarisation and conspiracism within political culture.”

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In recent years Quilliam, which is led by Maajid Nawaz, has taken a pro-Israel position which runs contrary to the overwhelmingly anti-Israel stance adopted by the Muslim community.

Earlier this year Nawaz won the “communal ally of the year” award at the pro Israel Jewish News Awards.

At an event packed with hard-core Zionists, Nawaz won an award designed to reward “a non-Jewish hero who has used their voice to fight anti-Semitism or delegitimisation of Israel or has simply supported the community in the media, in politics or elsewhere over the last two years.”

Once a harsh critic of Israel, Nawaz now uses his various media platforms to defend the Zionist regime and rail against anti-Semitism.

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