Shaykh Yasir Qadhi: A Sunni perspective on Karbala

American theologian Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delivers a lecture presenting a Sunni version of the Karbala events.

Dr Qadhi makes the following points:

1. Sunnis love Imam Hussain and the family of the Prophet (saw) whom they consider the best of families.

2. There should be no hatred or violence between Sunni and Shia, just academic discussion.

3. Imam Hassan had more claim to the khilafa than Muawiya, although Imam Hassan saved the blood of the Ummah by standing down.

4. We should not cast aspertions on the character of Muawiya because he was a sahabi and perhaps his political decisions did in fact save Muslim blood.

5. Sunnis believe Imam Hussain had more right to Islamic leadership than Yazeed.

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6. However, events were not black and white. Perhaps it was not in the best interests of the Ummah to oppose Yazeed’s rule and thus incite a war.

7. The blood of Hussain is primarily on the hands of the people of Kufa, but also on the hands of the Kufan general Ibn Ziyad and Yazeed himself.

8. The events of Karbala are an historical matter, not a theological matter.

9. Most Sunnis consider Yazeed a tyrant.

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