Man jailed for 16 months for social media posts calling for murder of Muslims

Jonathan Jennings

A man who posted vicious Islamophobic messages on social media has been jailed for 16 months.

Jonathan Jennings used platforms such as YouTube and GAB to incite religious hatred.

Prosecutors revealed the 34-year-old man from Carmarthenshire had written posts calling for all Muslims to be gassed and to be forcibly sterilised. He claimed those who tried to convert others to Islam should be sentenced to death.

He repeatedly called for the murder of Muslims and supported “bomb a mosque day.”

Jennings pled guilty at Swansea Crown Court to four offences of inciting racial hatred and another six offences related to the sending of material with the intention of causing distress and anxiety.

The Crown Prosecution Service said his jail sentence “reflects the seriousness of his crimes.”

Deb Walsh from the CPS said: “Jonathan Jennings’ hatred of Muslims led him to post online messages stirring up animosity towards a whole community. He did not limit himself to expressing his views but called on others to indiscriminately kill Muslims and bomb mosques. Jennings also targeted the Jewish community and called for public figures whose views he did not like to be executed. The prison sentence reflects the seriousness of his crimes.”

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Detective Superintendent Jim Hall of the Wales Extremism and Counter Terrorism Unit said: “We are committed to tackling all forms of extremism which has the potential to threaten public safety and security. Such was the strength of evidence of Jennings’ activities that he entered guilty pleas to all of the offences. There have been a number of successful prosecutions over recent years and this is testament to the work of police teams up and down the country.”

He added:  “Nobody is better placed to detect something that is out of place in their communities than the people living in them. To effectively combat the terrorism threat the police, businesses, government and the general public need to work together. Anyone who sees or hears something that could be terrorist-related should act on their instincts and call the police in confidence on 0800 789 321.”

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