Hero taxi driver saves young girl’s life

Aman Ullah Choudary Wycomb. Pic: Bucks Free Press.

A High Wycombe taxi driver has saved a young girl’s life after he spotted her trying to climb over a wall and onto the railway line.

The Bucks Free Press reports that Aman Ullah Choudhary was on his way to pick up customers last Thursday evening when he noticed the girl pulling herself up onto a wall next to the railway tracks.

The driver, who works for Neales Taxis, was driving as he saw the incident unfold at around 5.20pm.

He said: “I saw this girl climbing up onto the wall. She already had one leg up on the wall and the other side goes onto the train tracks. It was very dangerous. When I saw her, I stopped my car straight away and I shouted at her not to do it.”

After calling 999, he ran to the girl and grabbed her leg so she could not continue to climb over the wall.

Mr Choudhary called to two passers-by to help him bring her down and then police arrived at the scene.

He said: “I spoke to her and she told me she was feeling under pressure. It was my first instinct to stop and help her. I was on my way to another job at the time but I knew I could not just pass by and ignore her.”

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