Mayor Sadiq Khan calls for “united effort” to prevent closure of pubs in Redbridge

Mayor Sadiq Khan in the Wheatsheaf pub in Tooting, south London. [Image: Protz on Beer]

Mayor Sadiq Khan has called for a “united effort” to save the remaining pubs in the London borough of Redbridge after numbers fell by 21per cent.

Data provided by the Inter-Departmental Business Register, between 2001 and 2017, 15 pubs were closed in Redbridge and the number across London decreased by 2.4 percent in the last 12 months of the data set.

Mayor Khan said the government, local authorities and the pub industry need to unite to protect the future of London’s pubs.

He said: “The traditional London pub has been at the heart of London’s communities for hundreds of years, but sadly they continue to face a long-term decline in numbers.

“As mayor, I have made safeguarding and growing London’s night-time economy a priority and am doing all I can to protect the capital’s iconic pubs.

“By creating the most pro-pub planning strategy the capital has ever seen I’ve shown what can be done, and I want to see the government and local authorities match my ambition and help protect these key community hubs for generations to come.”

The neighbouring borough of Havering saw a decrease of 29 percent and in 2017 had 60 pubs, compared to 85 in 2001.

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During the same period, pubs in Barking and Dagenham decreased from 45 to 20 – a decline of 56 percent, whilst pubs in Newham dropped from 105 to 50 (52 percent decline).

Mayor Khan is very popular amongst working class Londoners due to his consistent campaigning against the closure of pubs across the capital.

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