Sheffield’s Mayor “bans” Donald Trump from the city, calls him a “wasteman”

Magid Magid

Sheffield’s Lord Mayor has “banned” US President Donald Trump from visiting the city.

Magid Magid made the announcement while chairing a Sheffield City Council meeting on Tuesday.

At the meeting Mayor Magid was dressed in his mayoral chains and a black T-shirt which read “Donald Trump is a wasteman,” whilst wearing a sombrero in solidarity with Mexicans, other Latinos and all people suffering at the hands of the Trump regime.

The Mayor reiterated the statement on Twitter and gave his reasons why:



Mayor Magid said: “In this current climate of politics where fear and hate is widespread, the last thing we need is a world leader like Donald J Trump being a spurting cesspit of hate, stoking divisions between communities while scapegoating minorities.

“I am proud to be the Lord Mayor of a city where there is an amazingly culture of diversity. Where we don’t tolerate racism and xenophobia; where we not only celebrate all our differences but also unite on the things we have in common.

“We need now more than ever to come together in spite of our differences and empower everyone in our society and collectively work towards building a future where love and tolerance prevail, and where everybody belongs.”

The 28-year-old Green Party councillor made headlines last month becoming the city’s youngest ever Lord Mayor. Magid further made headlines after receiving abuse online and in press for refusing to toast to the Queen and for being a black, Muslim immigrant. He came to Sheffield aged five from an Ethiopian refugee camp “to find a better life”.

However, the council said Mayor Magid does not have the power to ban anyone from the city, but that full council “may through a collective, democratic debate and process, agree to condemn the views of an individual or organisation.”

Mr Trump is due to come to the UK for his state visit on 13 July but Mr Magid admitted he is unlikely to visit Sheffield.

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