VIDEO: Texas man racially abuses Muslim motorist telling him “this isn’t Pakistan you bi*ch”

Video footage of man in Texas racially abusing a Muslim motorist with threatening language after he told him “this isn’t Pakistan, Afghanistan or Kuwait you b*tch”.

Ali Alghamdi, who is a 24-year-old engineering student at Texas A&M University, was running an errand earlier this month in Kingsville, Texas, when he noticed a car in front of him running a stop sign.

It was “odd”, Mr Alghamdi told the Huffington Post, but not that uncommon.

But as the car drove on the driver kept slamming on the brakes, forcing Mr Alghamdi to do the same. The Muslim student quickly became worried.

Suddenly, the driver of the black Chevrolet swerved and blocked Mr Alghamdi into a corner.

The man in the video then stormed out of his car and began shouting racist and Islamophobic profanities at Mr Alghamdi, calling him a “terrorist” and “this isn’t Pakistan, Afghanistan or Kuwait b*tch”.

WARNING: Video contains foul language!

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