Tariq Ramadan acknowledges “relationship” with accuser, but denies rape

Tariq Ramadan’s lawyer, Emmanuel Marisgny, has said his client acknowledges a relationship with one of his accusers “Mounia” which he will explain to judge on June 5, but he continues to deny accusations of rape.

In an interview with French radio, Marisgny said that Professor Ramadan’s case has not been dealt with fairly and that he has been denied the presumption of innocence.

He also said:

– Two of Professor Ramadan’s accusers are proven liars.

– Ex French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the security services are involved in the campaign against Tariq Ramadan.

– Professor Ramadan is not in jail because of an extra-marital relationship; he is in jail accused of rape.

The prominent Swiss academic has been detained near Paris for months pending a formal hearing. His supporters say he is being targeted because of his high-profile opposition to French domestic and foreign policies. They also say that he is suffering from multiple sclerosis and is not able to get adequate care in prison. And they say his family have been denied visitation rights.

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Professor Ramadan’s lawyer did not comment when asked if the latest revelation had affected donations for his defence.

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