VIDEO: Far-right supporters of Tommy Robinson provoke Muslims at Speakers’ Corner

Video footage of far-right supporters of Tommy Robinson provoking peaceful Muslim activists at London’s iconic Speakers’ Corner yesterday.

On Sunday 18 March, the former leader of the English Defence League visited Hyde Park to deliver a short address “in defence of free speech”.

Hundreds of far-right hooligans turned up to show their support for the former-convict, including the renowned Islamophobe and former LBC presenter, Katie Hopkins.

Many Muslims also attended the debating site yesterday in solidarity with Muslim apologists who regularly propagate Islam at Speakers’ Corner.

Muslim attendees were told to remain “calm”, “united” and “organised” by the prominent Muslim apologist, Mohammed Hijab.

On numerous occasions, members of the far-right attempted to attack Muslims but they were either prevented by police or restrained by Muslims.

Members of the Black Kemet group also attended in support of Tommy Robinson against Muslims.

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