Katie Hopkins banned from South Africa

Katie Hopkins regularly abuses Muslims on Twitter

The Islamophobic media personality Katie Hopkins has been banned from entering South Africa.

Hopkins was prevented from leaving the country yesterday before eventually being allowed to board a flight.

In a tweet she wrote: “I am out of South Africa – together with my documentary footage the #ANC don’t want you to see.”

Also in the post was a picture of an email from the South African Department of Home Affairs. The email stated that the “Deputy Minister requested that the above person (Hopkins) be prevented from entering South Africa due to her strong racist views. Please proceed with V-list placement.”

In a subsequent article Hopkins claimed: “They detained me under section 29(1)(d) of South Africa’s Immigration Act — which bans: ‘A member of or adherent to an association or organisation advocating the practice of racial hatred or social violence.”

She added: “But I am a member of no such organisation and I deplore both racism and violence.

“In fact, that’s what I was doing in South Africa: exposing the racial hatred and social violence being directed against white farmers.”

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