Katie Hopkins leaves Mail Online days after her anti-Muslim speech

Katie Hopkins

The right-wing Islamophobic columnist, Katie Hopkins, has left the Mail Online after years of spewing her anti-Muslim views.

Hopkins’ departure from the Mail Online came days after she gave a speech attacking Muslims and calling on people to “fight for their country”.

The website said that Hopkins’ contract had not been renewed “by mutual consent” but did not provide further details.

Hopkins rose to fame by appearing in the third series of BBC’s The Apprentice, and wrote for the Mail Online for two years after leaving The Sun.

But her columns and tweets have been widely perceived as deliberate provocation as opposed to legitimate commentary.

The announcement came after protesters gathered outside an event where Hopkins was due to speak in Lewes, which resulted in it being cancelled due to “safety concerns”.

But the news of her departure came three days after video footage was published online showing her speaking at an event organised by the far-right American think-tank, the “David Horowitz Freedom Center”.

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Hopkins told the cheering audience: “It’s such a pleasure to be amongst people that are prepared to fight for their country.

“We can commit to arm ourselves, not just with the help of the NRA.

“It’s our time. Get furious and fight back!”

The speech, made in Florida earlier this month, went on to claim areas of Britain were controlled by a “Muslim mafia” and alleged that there was “institutionalised discrimination against whites” in the UK.

Hopkins rallied against “Muslim men” and the “Muslim mayor of Londonistan”, referring to Sadiq Khan, who she claimed she “cannot stand”.

She boasted of being reported to police for hate crimes and inciting violence, before claiming she had expressed similar sentiments in a Mail Online column and making no allusion to her imminent departure.

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