Egypt allows only 50 religious scholars to issue religious edicts on TV

Al Azhar Mosque

Egyptian authorities have published a list of 50 Muslim scholars who are allowed to issue religious edicts via television broadcasters.

In a press conference at the Supreme Council for Media Regulation (SCMR) headquarters, Makram Mohammed Ahmed, issued a list of 50 scholars authorised by Al-Azhar University and Dar al-Iftaa to give religious advice in media.

Ahmed clarified that SCMR will regulate religious discourse until the legislation is issued to organise means of religious advisory in Egypt.

The SCMR is responsible for the values, ethics and professionalism of the religious content being broadcast on media shows, he said.

He warned against any violation of the decision, stressing that religious edicts or “fatawa” should be issued by “authentic preachers”.

He said: “According to the decision’s regulations, freedom of expression in religious issues is not included in the religious advisory activity.

“Yet it will be conditioned with awareness and commitment to moderation, and will avoid abusing other religions or using extremism.”

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The SCMR clarified that punishments will include banning the violator from being hosted on media outlets.

Surprisingly, the list did not include many male and female scholars from Al-Azhar University who regularly appear on Egyptian broadcasters and host live programs to discuss religious topics and issue edicts.

No explanation was given for their exclusion.


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