Far-right activists attend military-style camps hosted by anti-Islam group

UK far-right activists attend military-style camps with anti-Islam group

British far-right activists are going overseas for military-style training hosted by an anti-Islam group, an ITV documentary has revealed.

The film, “Undercover – Inside Britain’s New Far Right,” sent three women went undercover to join far-right groups which included the anti-Islam, anti-immigration activists “Generation Identity.”

Generation Identity wants to create a pan-European youth movement to protect what it views as the identity and culture of white Europeans from immigration and Islamisation. Its head organiser, Martin Sellner, was behind the Defend Europe group, which chartered a ship to hamper the rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean.

One of the undercover reporters heard Generation Identity members boasting of attending camps in France for military-style training.

One activist, Liam, said: “It was like really realistic because they had like pepper spray.” The same activist was recorded referring to “degenerates.”

The film also established a link between Generation Identity and failed UKIP leadership candidate Ann-Marie Waters. She was recorded saying: “My thinking is we need to reduce [Muslim] birth-rates now.”

Generation Identity told ITV the filming revealed remarks taken out of context.

Waters told ITV she opposed racism, antisemitism, misogyny and the oppression linked to the far-right, and did not agree with all views made at events at which she spoke.

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