Luton woman sentenced to life in jail after admitting to sister’s murder

Left to right: Sabah and Saima Khan

A woman has been jailed for life after admitting to stabbing her sister to death at their family home in Luton.

Sabah Khan murdered mother-of-four Saima Khan in the family home they shared.

The killer stabbed her sister 68 times in an eight-minute rampage, while Saima’s children were upstairs sleeping.

The perpetrator tried to make the crime look like a burglary gone wrong.

Sabah began plotting the murder by searching the internet for “how to hire a killer” and “16 steps to kill someone and not get caught”, the Old Bailey heard.

She also researched buying poisonous snakes and paid a “black magic priest” in Pakistan £5,000 to kill her sister by “remote control”.

She had even searched online for “how long does a Muslim funeral take” to find out how much time she would have to carry out the crime.

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Sabah bought a large kitchen knife from Tesco and in May last year she tricked her sister into coming home early from a family funeral by telling her that one of her children was crying.

As Saima came home, her sister inflicted 68 wounds to her head and body, slicing through her hands and neck, and continued stabbing her even after she was dead.

She then staged a burglary and then called her father and the police, claiming she was in the shower when her sister was attacked by an intruder.

She told police she had overheard a phone call between her sister and a lover who threatened to harm her.

Judge Christopher Moss QC described the murder as “absolute carnage”.

Saima’s husband, Hafeez Rehman, was not in court but released a statement in which he said: “I feel complete shame about having an affair with Sabah.

“I never imagined anything like this would ever happen. Sabah’s actions have left our four children without a mum.”

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SOURCEBedfordshire Police
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