Jeremy Corbyn: I prefer terrorists to face trial rather than be subjected to bombing

Jeremy Corbyn

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that assassinated ISIS member Sally Jones should have been “put on trial” as she had “committed crimes.”

Intelligence sources have claimed that Jones was probably killed along with her 12 year old son, Jojo, in June close to the border between Syria and Iraq by a US drone strike.

Jones was accused of being an active recruiter for ISIS on social media whereas her son appeared in ISIS videos apparently killing prisoners.

Asked if he would have preferred Jones to be prosecuted, Corbyn said: “I think that people who committed crimes ought to be put on trial. That way… when you interrogate someone, you get more information.”

Corbyn added: “It is unconfirmed so we have to be quite careful on this, but quite clearly it is significant if it has happened. I think what we now have to do is look to the next phase in Syria, which is to bring everyone back around the table to get a political solution because we cannot go on with having a war for ever.”

The Labour leader is a founding member of Stop the War and is a life-long opponent of Western military action.

Western nations such as America and Britain regularly patrol the skies above several Muslim countries and assassinate their political opponents and enemies. The Syrian government has often protested that this is a violation of their national sovereignty.

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