Muslim taxi driver returns £12k to pensioner after realising he was being scammed

Barry Stone (middle) and Izy Rashid (right)/ [Source: Daily Mail]

A Muslim taxi driver returned a pensioner’s life savings after he realised the elderly man had been scammed.

Barry Stone, 78, from Marlow, withdrew £12,000 from his bank account after fraudsters called him and pretended to be police investigating bank fraud.

He was asked to send the cash to London via a taxi where he was told the notes were to be checked for fingerprints.

But taxi driver Izy Rashid realised the elderly man was being conned so he returned the savings to Mr Stone’s address.

The Mail reported that Mr Stone: “I didn’t sleep afterwards and I couldn’t eat at all, it was such a lot of money. I feel so relieved now, I can have something to eat now, no problem. I’m very, very relieved.

“You just believe them sometimes, don’t you? You think you’re helping people out.”

After contacting the police, Mr Rashid returned to Mr Stone’s home and gave him back his money.

Speaking about Mr Rashid, Mr Stone said: “He’s a wonderful man and friend now, a very, very good friend.

“I’ll start using his taxis now. I’m going away in a few weeks time and flying from Heathrow so I’ll make sure I use him then.

“I’m really angry that people can do something like that though, rob you and take your money – targeting old people as well.”

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police, which is investigating the courier scam, said: “We received a report of fraud at around 11am this on Thursday in relation to an incident of fraud which occurred at around 6pm on Wednesday in Marlow.

“Officers are investigating the incident. There are no arrests at this stage. Anyone with any information is asked to call police on 101.”

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