Pig’s head thrown through window of Muslim family home in Oldham

A pig’s head wrapped in plastic was thrown through the living room window of a Muslim family home in Oldham on Saturday.

Greater Manchester Police are treating the incident in the Hollinwood area as a hate crime.

​Ajaz Mahmood said his wife, Ghazle Kauser, and their four children were in the house at the time. Mahmood’s son, Hammas, aged 14, and daughter, Zeina, 6, were in the front room when the attack happened at about 10pm.

“I am not sure whether it is racial or Islamaphobic,” he told the Manchester Evening News, wondering if the attack may have been sparked by mistaken identity. “My family have been living in this area for 29 years and in this house for 11 years. We have never experienced anything like this.”

“I was at work when I took a phone call from home and could hear hysterical screaming. It was not a nice experience, especially when your family are in the house, and they are vulnerable without me there.”

The attack happened in Chapel Road, Oldham, at around 10pm on Saturday

Police have established that a Vauxhall Corsa pulled up on the road with three men inside.

One of the men got out of the back seat and then threw a brick and the pig’s head at the window. He then ran back to the car which drove off.

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He was around 18-years-old and was wearing a black hoody that was pulled up over his head.

Det Chf Insp Chris Downey, from Oldham CID, said: “This was a disgusting act against an innocent family who have lived in this community for years and were enjoying being at home together on a quiet Saturday night.

“We are treating this appalling incident as a hate crime and are doing everything we can to find those responsible. No one should be made to feel scared in their own home.

“The family were extremely shook up by this and we have been out to see them to offer assurance that we will do everything in our power to track the offenders down.”

Parts of pigs, bacon and pork have been used in Islamophobic hate crimes across the UK in recent years. Items have previously been thrown at people and left outside schools and mosques in an attempt to offend worshippers.

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