Muslim mum opens all-women taxi firm in south London

Ms Sade Agboola, 35. [Image: National]

A Muslim mother from south London will be launching an “all women” taxi firm next month with exclusively female drivers.

The new business will mainly target female passengers with children and teenage girls.

Founder, Sade Agboola, shared her idea with fellow mums who complain about how they felt “uncomfortable” using public transport with their children.

Consequently, Ms Agboola decided to start her own taxi company – one which places the safety of female passengers and their children as a top priority.

She told the Croydon Advertiser: “It’s not taken seriously enough, women or children should never have to feel unsafe or uncomfortable because of a driver.

“It happens an awful lot but you never read about it unless you really look and it makes me think it’s being brushed under the carpet.

“A lot of mums have children and struggle to get back to work or find a job that gives them that flexibility and hopefully by having women-only drivers and guardians we can provide a flexible and supportive environment for them.”

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“Annisa Cars” will start by taking bookings in Streathamn, Brixton, Sutton and Croydon with the long-term aim to cover all of south London by the end of 2018.

All drivers will be CRB checked and will be chosen after their completion of a health and safety course.

Ms Agboola stated that the idea was floating in her mind since last December and has conducted a lot of research and work to make it materialise.


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SOURCECroydon Advertiser
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