Survey reveals Britain’s increased ignorance and hostility towards Arabs

Edgware Road, London. [Image: The National]

A recent YouGov survey has revealed increasing levels of support for the racial profiling of Arabs in Britain.

The survey has exposed the scale of hostility in Britain towards Arabs and Muslims.

The research sample was 1,200 people from a YouGov panel and was carried out in August.

Only 28% of participants believe that Arab immigration has been beneficial to the UK, while 64% believe Arabs have failed to integrate.

The survey also showed that most respondents perceive the number of refugees entering the UK from war-torn Syria and Iraq as “too high”.

The emerging picture based on the results is one of fear, ignorance, and hostility – underlining the tensions in British society about attitudes towards Islam and Muslims.

No less than 55% of participants regard felt it was “right” for the police to use racial profiling against Arabs and Muslims for security purposes.

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Also, the report revealed a self-confessed ignorance in relation to the Arab world with 81% confessing that they “know little or nothing” about Arabs.

More than half believe that the UK should recognise Palestine as a state; eight in 10 say it was wrong for Britain to go to war with Iraq, and 72% acknowledged the rising problem of Islamophobia.

When asked about immigration from the Arab world and whether it has been beneficial to the UK, only 23% thought it was beneficial, while 41% said it has not been beneficial.

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SOURCEThe Guardian
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