Sex offender jailed after changing his name to Mohammed to teach at mosque

Frank Crampsey (left) and the Islamic Centre in Blackburn (right)

A convicted paedophile has been jailed after joining a mosque in Blackburn which teaches young children without informing them that he was a child sex offender.

Frank Crampsey, 60, failed to inform the Islamic centre in Blackburn that he was a child sex offender when he started volunteering at a family fun day to celebrate Eid in July.

He then started attending the Islamic centre on a daily basis amid warm reception by its members who gave him a £50 prize for his work during Eid festivities.

The mosque was fully aware that his name was Frank but had asked to be called “Mohammed” as he felt his real name was not appropriate.

But unknown to worshippers there, the convicted paedophile was subject to a strict court order preventing him from coming into contact with children, or entering any educational establishment.

However, Preston Crown Court learned that Mr Crampsey, who had been jailed previously for sexual offences against young boys, did not reveal his past.

Francis McEntee, prosecuting, told the court it was the fifth time Mr Crampsey has breached the terms of the Sexual Offenders Prevention Order, which was made in 2006 in respect of convictions dating back to 2001.

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Jailing him for five months, Judge Simon Newell, said: “For more than 10 years now you know you have been subject to this order.”

“You know the terms of the order you are subject to and you know the reasons why.

“That must have been very clear in your mind as this is not the first time you have come back to court to deal with breaches.”

A mosque spokesman said: “We were totally unaware of Frank’s background and were only alerted when the police got in touch.

“We are extremely thankful to the police for alerting us to this.”

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