Polish man jailed for setting his dog on two Muslims in Ramadan

A Polish man has been jailed after he set his dog on two Muslims during Ramadan.

Manchester Crown Court sentenced Jakub Wendland to two and a half years in prison on Monday.

The 32-year-old’s dog bit a man and left a woman traumatised in two separate attacks during his “campaign of racism”.

During one of the attacks, Wendland, who denied being a racist, shouted: “You bite her, bite her. They kill people. So go on, bite a Muslim.”

The victim Sundus Mirza, 28, was on her way to work on Market Street at around 12.50pm when Wendland followed her.

Ms Mirza, who said she could feel the dog’s head near her legs, started screaming after he set his dog on her.

Wendland then walked away when members of the public rushed to help her.

Two hours earlier, Wendland set his dog on Bakhtshireen Rehman, 26, who was on his way home from the mosque around 10am on June 25.

Mr Rehman ran into the road and flagged down a motorist for help as he desperately tried to fight the dog off.

Police were called and Wendland was later found in Manchester city centre in an “intoxicated state”.

During his arrest, he spat at two officers and threatened to kill them and their families.

Judge Tony Cross QC described the man’s dangerous acts as “a campaign of racism carried out over the course of two hours in two separate areas.”

He added: “You are, in my judgement, quite clearly a racist. These were racist attacks, of that there is absolutely no doubt.”

Judge Cross also imposed a contingent destruction order, which means the dog will not be put down if suitable accommodation and care is found.

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