Eid prayer cancelled in Boston hotel amid gender exclusion complaints

A mosque in Boston says its planned Eid al-Adha prayer was cancelled after the host hotel received complaints about it being a male-only congregation.

Masjid Al Rahma said in a statement posted on its Facebook page that it would not be hosting its planned Eid al-Adha prayer at the Comfort Inn in Revere, Massachusetts.

It stated: “It is with sad news that I have to inform you that The Comfort Inn will no longer be allowing us their Board meeting room for Eid prayer or any more Friday prayers”.

The mosque officials also decided not to organise anymore events at the hotel including Friday prayers.

“There will be no Eid prayer tomorrow or any more Friday prayers,” the mosque added.

A hotel manager confirmed the cancellation after receiving complaints about the male only gathering.

He argued that they received calls that Muslim women and children were being excluded during the event.

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Mosque officials said on Facebook earlier this week that they were restricting admission to men only because the venue was too small to accommodate women and children.

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