Pro Palestine protesters could face jail over Israeli weapons factory protest

Five pro-Palestinian activists could be jailed following their participation in a protest outside an Israeli-owned weapons manufacturing company, Elbit Systems, in the West Midlands.

The five activists were arrested in July and charged with a breach of the Trade Union and Labour Relations after they demanded the closure of the Israeli company.

A recent court hearing was adjourned pending investigation with the possibility that the current charge may be dropped and a new one added.

The protesters could face at least six months in prison and a fine of up to £5,000.

The Birmingham and Manchester branches of Palestine Action, which helped organise the protest said those accused would be pleading not guilty.

During the protest, the demonstrators put small coffins outside the factory and lay down next to them to raise awareness about the Israeli regime’s record of killing Palestinian children.

Israel-based Elbit Systems produces military and civilian-use equipment, including drones, aircraft, weapon control systems and artillery.

The company’s customers include the Israeli army, the US Air Force and the British Royal Air Force.

A group of European banks and financial institutions have on several occasions boycotted the company for arming Israeli military forces despite growing criticism from the international community.

The British government has been under increasing pressure from the Zionist lobby to crack down on pro-Palestinian activism in the country.

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