Two Syrian refugees prepare for medical school after passing their A-level exams

Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry

Two Syrian refugees have been offered a place at a London medical school after passing their A-levels with “flying colours”.

Elias Badin and Sulaiman Wihba were both granted scholarships by Brighton College after they were noticed in 2015 after making the perilous two-month journey from war-torn Syria.

Mr Wihba, 19, from East Sussex, said achieved four A* grades in chemistry, physics, maths and further maths landing him a place at Queen Mary University of London.

He told The Independent: “It’s all about payback, being a doctor, helping people, it’s really interesting, I like problem solving, providing the best care. My mum will be so happy.

“My 15-year-old self wouldn’t imagine myself here, it’s overwhelming. I have been in the UK for two years now, I didn’t find it hard to integrate within the new society. I feel really accepted.”

Mr Wihba stated that he wishes to return to Syria one day but added: “The situation there is really impossible to cope with, if things get better I would love to go back but I can’t see things getting better in the short term.”

Mr Badin, who achieved A’s in chemistry, physics, further maths and A* in maths said: “I am very content with my results even though I expected them to be higher, now I am awaiting confirmation of my place to study medicine at Queen Mary University which is my dream.”

Mr Wihba arrived in Britain after travelling through Europe hidden in a refrigerated van packed with boxes of frozen chips while Mr Badin travelled to Greece on a small boat with 40 other refugees crammed on board.

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