Two Muslim women forced to leave private swimming pool for wearing burkinis on holiday

Maryya Dean [Source: Daily Mirror]

Two British Muslim women were “humiliated” when they were told to leave a private swimming pool during their holiday in Portugal because they were wearing burkinis.

Maryya Dean, 36, says she was made to do the “walk of shame” with her young daughter and sister-in-law by an angry apartment worker during their holiday in Algarve.

The women were in a private pool at their rented apartment in Albufeira, when a man shouted that their costumes were “not acceptable”.

He screamed that they “must wear a bikini to follow Portuguese culture”.

The relatives were angered even more when the worker made Ms Dean’s nine-year-old daughter stand up to demonstrate “appropriate swimwear” – a standard swimsuit.

Ms Dean from Surrey was wearing a normal swimsuit with three-quarter length leggings.

Her sister-in-law was wearing three-quarter length leggings and a top that covered her arms down to her elbows.

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The women said they wore the ‘burkini’ swimwear because it made them feel comfortable for religious reasons.

Sister-in-law, Hina, told the Mirror: “I was not allowed to wear swimming gear that I am comfortable in and that was actually made for women like me to wear.

“We told him [the apartment worker] it was swimwear but he said ”you have to wear a bikini or shorts. In Portuguese culture, it’s not acceptable.”

“He said we had to abide by Portuguese culture if we were in the country.”

Ms Dean added: “I keep thinking about it. We had to do a ‘walk of shame’ back to the apartment, it was disgusting.

“It was a very distressing experience for me and my family.”

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