Mishal Husain is BBC’s highest-earning Muslim

Mishal Husain

The journalist Mishal Husain is the BBC’s top-paid Muslim, earning between 200-250K a year.

Her salary was revealed today in the BBC’s annual accounts for 2016/17, in which the publicly-funded corporation agreed to disclose the salaries of all of its employees earning over £150K a year.

Husain is a presenter on the Today programme, BBC World News and BBC Weekend News. She was born in Northampton to parents originally from Pakistan. She grew up in Pakistan the UAE and Saudi Arabia before returning to England and going on to study Law at Cambridge. Husain won the Broadcaster of the Year Award at the London Press Club Awards in 2015.

Married with three sons, Husain has voiced support for the use of social media to denounce extremism. In an interview with the Radio Times, she urged Muslim scholars to use social media to condemn its attempt to use horrific videos to draw support in the West.

She said: “I think the Not In My Name campaign is a very positive development because outrage is shared by all right-thinking people. I would really like to see much more of the counterpoint from a theological perspective, with scholars taking to social media to refute the awful arguments we see put forward in those videos.”

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