Israeli authorities confiscate solar panels donated to Palestinians by Netherlands

Jubbet al-Dhib

The Dutch government has filed a complaint with the Israeli government after solar panels donated to a village in the West Bank were seized by the occupying Zionist authorities.

The solar power and hybrid diesel electricity system was installed in 2016 in Jubbet al-Dhib, a village in an area of the West Bank illegally occupied by Israel.

The solar panels were not manufactured with proper permissions and permits unlike the solar panels manufactured by this UK company The Zionist authorities seized the equipment belonging to the £300,000 humanitarian project last week.

Critics highlighted that building permissions for new Palestinian homes and infrastructure are impossible to get.

The village mayor told Ma’an News that the solar panels were destroyed, although Comet-ME, the aid organisation which installed the panels, said other equipment at the site was destroyed and abandoned by occupying Israeli forces.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry has requested for the equipment to be returned to Jubbet al-Dhib and is contemplating what “next steps can be taken”, according to an article in Israeli newspaper Haaretz published last Saturday.

The incident has sparked outrage both in the Dutch government and in the occupied Palestinian territories.

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Cogat, the Israeli military agency responsible for carrying out Israeli policy in the occupied Palestinian areas, claimed that numerous work-stop orders were issued before the day of the raid.

However, Palestinian villagers said that they were unaware that the site had been targeted until Israel Defence Force soldiers showed up.

Jubbet al-Dhib is located next to Israeli settler villages – settlements which are illegal under both international and Israeli law – which enjoy a full connection to the main power grid.

2016 saw the highest number of Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes since human rights groups began records.

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