Video of woman who accidentally ran over worshippers after Eid prayers in Newcastle

Video footage of the woman who accidentally ran over six people, seriously injuring a young boy after Eid al-Fitr prayers in Newcastle yesterday.

Sources have told 5Pillars that the woman, who is a Muslim, panicked and pressed acceleration instead of the breaks which led to further injuries.

She is known to the local Muslim community and attended the prayer with her family.

Some media outlets and social media users initially claimed it was a targeted attack against Muslim worshippers similar to the recent Finsbury Park attack.

Speaking to 5Pillars, Abu Tayeb Khairdeen of Islamic Diversity Centre North East, said: “I was told that the woman went into shock and kept passing out and some worshippers were verbally abusing her claiming she did it on purpose.

“Some at the scene of the incident were very harsh to her and were understandably very emotional but this was clearly a freak accident.

“Muslims need to be responsible and verify facts before spreading misinformation which further instils unwarranted fear amongst the community.”

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The health situation of the young boy who was hit by the car is believed  to be critical.

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