MCB says Muslim vote made a difference in general election

The Muslim Council of Britain has said that Muslim votes may have made a difference in 39 key constituencies in the general election last week.

Although no statistics are currently available, it is thought that the vast majority of Muslims voted for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

Earlier analysis by the MCB identified 16 constituencies where the impact of Muslim communities could be “high.” In those constituencies the swing towards Labour was 7,789 on average and every one of these 16 seats is now held by the Labour party.

And in the 23 constituencies where the MCB determined the impact of Muslim communities as “medium,” the swing towards Labour (or the Liberal Democrats in the Conservative-Lib Dem marginal Kingston & Surbiton) was 6,839 on average.

Jeremy Corbyn

Harun Khan, Secretary General of the MCB said: “There is no block Muslim vote, nor can we know how Muslims have voted. What we can see, however, is Muslim and BME communities, in particular the young, enthused and involved in the political process across the country. In the 39 constituencies where Muslim communities could have had an impact, it appears they have done so.”

He continued: “We congratulate all the political parties and look forward to the government working closely with Muslim communities in the future. We hope the highest profile issues including Brexit, security and public services will be moved forward in a way that brings the country together and in line with the broader Parliament’s will.

“I would also like to acknowledge and welcome the fact that this election has returned a record number of women. I congratulate them and the Muslims who have retained or joined the House of Commons for the first time.  And I congratulate too Parliament’s first Sikh woman and turban-wearing Sikh. All of these are important developments and demonstrates that the British people are ready to elect a diverse range of people who reflect our multicultural society.”

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