Muslim groups raise thousands of pounds for victims of Manchester Arena attack

[Image: Euro News]

Numerous Muslim organisations have been raising money for the victims of Monday’s deadly suicide bombing at Manchester Arena which killed 22 people.

Think-tank Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend) has raised more than £2,300.

Dr Shazad Amin, CEO of MEND told the Independent: “It is a fundamental part of our faith to help those in need irrespective of their background.

“The Muslim community stands shoulder to shoulder with victims (and their families) of these atrocities.”

Dr Amin added that MEND would commission a local law firm to distribute the money.

The British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC) and the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) raised nearly £1,000 within a few hours of launching their fundraising campaign on Tuesday.

The fundraising page stated: “Though this is a Muslim-led campaign, we welcome our friends of other faiths and none to also contribute. We ask particularly that British Muslims, mosques, Imams, leaders, and groups endorse and promote this initiative.”

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The groups also stated that they will be coordinating with local authorities to distribute the funds.

Muslim taxi drivers were also praised for offering free lifts and assisting victims during the chaos following the explosion.

Monday’s suicide bombing was the worst terrorist attack in Britain since the London bombing on 7 July 2005 where 56 people were killed.

Police are treating the Manchester Arena bombing as a terrorist attack and have established that British born Salman Abedi was part of a wider network.

His brother Hashim Abedi has been arrested, as well as his father Ramadan Abedi who was detained by Libyan security services for having links with ISIS.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on social media on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Theresa May announced on Tuesday evening that the terror threat level in the UK has increased to “critical”.

1,000 military personnel have been be deployed in key sites in Manchester and London yesterday.

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