New licenses awarded to Muslim radio stations

Broadcast regulator Ofcom has awarded community licenses to two Muslim radio stations in London.

Radio Minhaj, which will be run by the Minhaj-ul-Quran International organisation, will provide a community radio service for black, Asian and other ethnic minorities in Newham.

And Nomad Radio will provide a community radio service for the Somali community in Hammersmith and Fulham.

Community radio offers thousands of volunteers the chance to get involved in broadcasting across the UK. The last decade has seen the number of community radio stations increase from just a handful to more than 250 stations, each reflecting the local needs and interests of its audience.

Ismail Sethi, of Radio Minhaj, told 5Pillars that the new radio station has been given two years of planning and a five year license to operate from the time it launches.

He added: “It’s early days at the moment and we are in the planning stage but we obviously plan to launch before that two year deadline. And we may not even operate under the Radio Minhaj name. In terms of content we will aim to provide mostly Islamic entertainment and knowledge as well as build bridges with others for the sake of community cohesion and demolishing barriers.”

Mr Sethi said the people behind the new station would broadcast in Ramadan as Ramadan FM 2017.

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