Muslim Masterchef winner faces online abuse from trolls

Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed

Muslim Masterchef winner, Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed, was bombarded with abuse on social media by trolls who described her family home as a “brothel” and made derogatory references to curries.

However the home in Middlesex which Saliha opened the doors to during last Friday’s final was her parents’.

The 29-year-old actually lives in a flat in Watford.

The British Pakistani doctor’s family home was branded a “brothel” by one troll.

She was also abused for allegedly cooking Indian food all the time.

One viewer Tweeted: “Can’t believe Saliha won only cooking Asian foods. I’m going to cook this dish and make it taste like curry every episode.”

Another troll said: “Saliha shouldn’t have won. She only ever made Asian dishes, I thought you were looking for variety, different skills etc. Really disagree!”

Speaking immediately after her victory, she said: “To be a Masterchef champion is just fantastic. I feel amazing now, I can’t believe it is true.”


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