Jeremy Corbyn: Our foreign policy will be based on human rights and justice

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to put an end to “failed regime change wars” and put independence, human rights and justice at the heart of his foreign policy if he becomes Prime Minister.

In a speech this morning at Chatham House in London Corbyn said that he would keep Britain safe and would use military action as a last resort, but he said that he would use his power with care and resolve conflicts peacefully.

Corbyn added that the War on Terror had not succeeded and had not increased our security at home. Instead it had led to destablisation and devastation abroad.

Corbyn also said:

  • He would stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia.
  • Donald Trump is adding to danger to the world by escalating conflict with North Korea, launching attacks on Syria and opposing the Iran nuclear deal.
  • He would have a strong and friendly relationship with the US but would not be afraid to speak his mind.
  • Theresa May is pandering to the US administration’s military aggression.
  • He would pursue nuclear disarmament and would not use a nuclear weapon first.
  • He would seek a political solution to the Syria conflict.
  • He would decrease tensions with Russia.

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