Operation Black Vote calls for Katie Hopkins to be prosecuted for racial hatred

Operation Black Vote (OBV) has called for the prominent Islamophobe Katie Hopkins to be prosecuted by the police over a tweet which stereotyped black people.

Hopkins, who has a radio show on LBC and columns in the Daily Mail and The Sun, recently tweeted: “Dear black people, If your lives matter why do you stab and shoot each other so much?”

OBV said the tweet, which Hopkins has subsequently deleted, promoted “hate-filled stereotypes against black people” and “shamed her.”

In an article on its website OBV,  which campaigns for greater racial justice and equality throughout the UK,  said: “She should be prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred and sacked by her media employers. If there is no action then we call on the public and advertising companies to boycott media who offer her a platform.

Hopkins is given a prominent platform in the media

“Her latest tweet… perpetrates a negative image associating black people with violence, while simultaneously denigrating the Black Lives Matter movement.

“This is the latest in a long list of comments from Hopkins that cross the line into outright racial hatred. She has previously called for gunships to sink boats of refugees claiming she doesn’t care about bodies floating in the water.

“Politicians talk about dealing with online hate rings hollow while Hopkins escaped prosecution for incitement to racial hatred. She should be investigated by police and prosecuted.

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“With each more extreme remark by Hopkins she pushes the boundaries of mainstream debate further over the line into the territory of the extreme Right.

“It is a disgrace that she continues to be employed by the Daily Mail, the Sun and LBC radio. They should sack her for her ‘dear black people’ tweet and the gunships remarks or face a public boycott. And all commercial interests that advertise with the Daily Mail, the Sun and LBC radio should demand that Hopkins is removed.”

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