London LGBT festival to hold “A Big Gay Iftaar” this Ramadan

Pride in London – the annual LGBT festival which is held each summer – says it will mark Ramadan this year with a “Big Gay Iftaar.”

Pride in London says the event will “bring together the Muslim and LGBT+ communities to open a fast together during Ramadan.” The event will be held in St Andrew’s Church, Southwark, on Saturday June 24.

“It’s time to bring together the Muslim and LGBT+ communities to do something very important: open a fast together during Ramadan, otherwise known as ‘iftaar,'” Pride in London said. “The intention is to get back to basics and talk to one another, learn about each others’ faiths, cultures and sexualities and spread some love that is so sorely needed in the world. Seen as a chance for those from different backgrounds to share themselves and their history, some would argue that we need festivals like these to show who you really are to members of another community. Pride in London stated it could help to break down barriers and bring communities together.

“Dates and food will be provided at Maghrib (sunset) and it promises to be a thought provoking and community building evening. The event is open to everyone, regardless of background or sexuality. All proceeds will be donated to Pride in London and Imaan.”

The event comes after Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who is both a Muslim and a strong LGBT ally, made history by leading the Pride parade last year.

Speaking about the festival, Mr Khan said: “London’s LGBT+ community is one of the largest in the world, and I was proud to lead last year’s Pride march and to be Mayor of a city that doesn’t just tolerate diversity, but truly embraces and celebrates it.

“This year’s Pride in London programme reflects the full spectrum of the capital’s LGBT+ community and I urge all Londoners to immerse themselves in the festivities, proudly wave the rainbow flag and make this year’s Pride in London the biggest and most colourful yet.”

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Homosexuality is considered a major sin in Islam and the promotion of it is strictly prohibited. There is no difference of opinion on this issue by reputable scholars of any Islamic sect.

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