Irish Unionist calls for Luton to be bombed

David Vance

A former candidate for a Northern Irish political party has recommended bombing Gaza and parts of Paris, Brussels, Stockholm and Luton.

David Vance’s tweets to his 40,000 followers were highlighted by Muslim activists who urged the police to investigate him for hate crimes.

Referring to a huge bomb that the Trump administration recently launched on Afghanistan, Vance tweeted that “if you want to get maximum bang for your #MOAB buck there are parts of Paris, Brussels, Stockholm and Luton that should be prioritised.” He also questioned if it was “Time for #Gaza to experience a #Moab?”

One of Vance’s Twitter followers is the ex Conservative Minister Michael Gove.

When confronted about his tweets Vance insisted that he had not mentioned Muslims in them, but a cursory look at his Twitter feed shows much content which is critical of Islam and Muslims.

Vance unsuccessfully stood for the TUV party in the 2010 East Belfast election gaining 5 per cent of the vote. The TUV party, according to its website, was formed in 2007 to give voice to Traditional Unionists throughout Northern Ireland who “reject unrepentant terrorists at the heart of government.”

Once described as “the Irish Katie Hopkins,” Vance has run his own marketing business for over two decades and also writes a political blog.

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