Professor David Miller: UK counter terrorism apparatus is the “backbone of Islamophobia”

In a speech at a recent Islamic Human Rights Commission conference, Professor David Miller of Bath University said that the counter terrorism apparatus in Britain is the “backbone of Islamophobia”.

Professor Miller also says:

  • Counter terrorism policy in the UK is state-sanctioned racism.
  • It has now expanded throughout the public sector.
  • Official statistics do not back up claims that radical Islam is a major threat to the UK.
  • Authorities are deliberately exaggerating the threat to the UK from “radical Islam.”
  • Intelligence agents are trying to entrap Muslims online.
  • Many Muslims in the UK are being jailed for “terrorism offences” which don’t involve actual terrorism.
  • Serious attempts are being made to marginalise anybody who is a critical of UK foreign policy and domestic counter-terror policy.
  • Opposition to Prevent is spreading widely in the UK.
  • There is a need for those public institutions in the UK which are affected by Prevent to unite to oppose it.
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