Slovakian woman faces six years in prison for urinating and burning the Quran

Sheila Szmerekova urinating on the Quran before setting it on fire

A Slovakian woman is facing six years in prison for posting a video of herself urinating on the Quran before burning it, and then making violent threats to all Muslims, the Metro reports.

Sheila Szmerekova was seen in a video clip standing in front of the Slovakia flag with the Quran which she insults, urinates on and then sets on fire.

The 24-year-old then posted the hate-filled video online but has been removed since.

Szmerekova who is from the Slovakian city of Ruzomberok, was arrested and taken into police custody.

She is accused of producing extremist promotional materials, defamation of a nation and race and incitement of national, racial or ethnic hatred.

Szmerekova covered her face with a sheet of paper outside court and did not make any comment to the press.

According to spokeswoman of the general prosecutor’s office Andrea Predajnova, the video was shared online last December.

A police spokeswoman described the video: “In the video she shows a book with the title The Quran and she repeatedly said that it was the Quran.

“She tore out the pages and threw them on the ground. She urinated on the pages and wiped herself with some, and then she set them on fire.”

Szmerekova also verbally threatened all Muslims in the video. She said: “I will hunt you all step by step. No matter if it is a woman, a child or a man. I will bump off anybody who gets in my way.

“I do not care about the criminal complaints. It will not stop me. I have a message for everybody, including the police – nobody will stop me.”

Her Facebook profile were full of far-right, white supremacist and Islamophobic opinions.

The young woman was told she faces up to six years in jail.

Her mother Olga told Slovak media that her daughter had been behaving badly since suffering a sexual assault as a teenager.

Olga told the Slovakian press: “Romani gypsies raped her where she was 14. It was said to me that there were 14 of them. Since then she has acted like this.”

Sheila spent some time in a psychiatric ward and at a youth detention centre.

She is a mother of seven-year-old son who was taken away from her because she drank too much alcohol and did not take care of the boy, according to local media.


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