Saudi Arabia’s crown prince receives CIA honour for “anti-terrorism efforts”

CIA chief Mike Pompeo (left) and Prince Mohammed bin Naif (right) Source: SPA

A Saudi crown prince has been given an honorary award by the CIA for his efforts towards “fighting terrorism,” the Arab News reports.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif, Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior, was awarded the “George Tenet” medal by CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who arrived to Riyadh last Friday.

It was given in recognition of “distinguished intelligence work in the fight against terrorism” and Prince Naïf’s efforts toward “security and peace”.

In a statement issued by the prince, he said the award represents international recognition of Saudi Arabia’s anti-terrorism efforts under the leadership of King Salman.

He also added the efforts of Saudi officials from different security agencies and the cooperation of the Saudi public in addressing terrorism.

He said: “The Kingdom has been keen to combat terrorism based on its conviction that terrorism has no identity and no religion, and from its belief that the terrorists are committing these acts stemming from their deviant ideologies and evil thought.

“All negative religious, political and social ideologies that use religion as a tool throughout human history do not reflect the absolute truth about religion.”

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He also stated that Saudi Arabia will always fight terrorism, citing that the Kingdom has successfully prevented several terrorist plots, including some targeting other allies.

He added: “Combating terrorism requires a joint international effort at all levels; financially, intellectually, militarily and through the media.

“This should be coordinated and conducted in accordance with the UN’s covenants and laws including particularly the principle of sovereign equality.”

Commenting on Saudi Arabia’s ties with the US, the Prince Naif described them as “strong and historic,” adding that the two countries will not allow anything to come between them or damage their alliance.


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