VIDEO: Man tries to set fire to himself next to the Kaaba

Video footage has gone viral of a man trying to set himself on fire with petrol next to the Kaaba in the holy city of Makkah.

The man was arrested after he attempted to commit suicide at Islam’s most holiest site.

According to initial news reports an eyewitness saw the man trying to “pour gasoline” on the cloth which covers the holy Kaaba.

However, the media spokesman for the security force of the Grand Mosque, Major Sameh Al-Silmi, said the man in his 40’s was arrested on Monday evening after he poured gasoline on his clothes and tried to set himself on fire, contradicting the initial media reports.

Al-Silmi said that security forces noticed the man straight away and arrest him instantly.

He also added that the man’s actions were evident that he is mentally ill, and legal actions will be taken.

The Major denied the rumours circulating about the man wanting to burn the Kaaba, and emphasised that he was trying to harm himself.

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This video was posted on YouTube by Syed Mujtaba.


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