Woman charged after Islamophobic attack on Muslim couple outside Australian university

A woman has been charged after she was filmed banging on a car window and calling a Muslim student wearing the niqab a “terrorist” at Sydney’s Macquarie University.

The husband of the terrified student, Ramzy Alamudi, posted the video on Facebook on Saturday 21 January 2017.

The footage shows the young couple locking themselves inside their car in the university’s car park after the woman began banging on the vehicle’s windows and swearing at them.

She continues to slap the car’s windows, and the couple can be heard discussing whether to call security or drive off.

The woman then grabs a windscreen wiper before Mr Alamudi confronts her.

The woman can be heard screaming, “Who are you? Why you got a mask? Terrorist. You have gun?”

In a statement from Macquarie University, the couple are said to be “shaken” following the attack.

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Police have charged the 35-year-old woman with damaging property and common assault.

She is expected to appear at Burwood Local Court on March 13.

You can read the full account on Mr Alamudi’s Facebook.

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