Nigel Farage to present his own chat show on LBC radio

[Credit: LBC Radio]

The former leader of the right-wing UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage, is to present a daily chat show on the London radio station LBC, the BBC reports.

The “Nigel Farage Show” will air from 7pm – 9pm, Mondays to Thursdays, with the host describing it as “full of opinions, callers and reaction”.

He tweeted: “I invite listeners to agree with me, challenge me & together we can lead Britain’s conversation.”

Mr Farage, a close friend of US President-elect Donald Trump, is an MEP for South East England.

He resigned as UKIP leader last summer, but returned on an interim basis after his successor, Diane James, resigned only 18 days into the job.

Mr Farage’s former deputy, Paul Nuttall, won the second leadership contest of the year.

Mr Trump has said Mr Farage – the first British politician to visit the president-elect after his victory last year – would make a “great” UK ambassador to the US, but Downing Street responded that there was “no vacancy”.

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The former UKIP leader has previously taken part in occasional Phone Farage shows on LBC. The new regular slot begins next Monday.

LBC currently has a host of presenters renowned for their Islamophobic views, which include Maajid Nawaz on the Quilliam Foundation, tabloid columnist Katie Hopkins and Nick Ferrari.

Farage has previously described British Muslims as a “fifth column” and has supported a ban of the niqab in public places.

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